A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

The year is 2137. In the cyberpunk, dystopian city of "Neo New Angeles", everything is controlled by the Mods, an upper caste of society distinguished by their cybernetic modifications. A group of rebellious youths carve through the treacherous power grid channels on their cruisers, extremely agile motorbikes, causing havoc for the Mods and delivering truth to the populus. Grab a cruiser and resist.

Programming/Design - Trevor Swafford

Art - Yasiman Ahsani

Keyboard Controls

Up/Down Arrow Keys – Move Menu

Left/Right Arrow Keys – Move Player 1

Space – Menu Select

Left Mouse Button – Player 1 Regular Fire

Right Mouse Button – Player 1 Ultimate Fire

A/D Keys – Move Player 2

How to Play

Download > Extract > Open for Respective OS


ChannelCruisers.zip 63 MB